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Oklahoma Forge Inc. is considered as one of the trusted and internationally acclaimed Forging Suppliers Houston today. Thanks to our state of the art  in house infrastructure, plant size and planned approach that have helped us in providing our esteemed clients top grade products within the strictest of deadlines.
We are just a call away to extend our help and meet your requirements.  
The entire team of Oklahoma Forge Inc. believes that it is our dedication our work and efficacy that have helped us in being counted as the one stop destination for Open Die Forgings Houston, and suppliers of superior grade industrial quality ring and sleeves.  
Here, it needs further mentioning that our specially manufactured rings and sleeves come with maximum weight of 6,200 lbs and are rolled on  While Rolled on Wagner 80/50, 125/125, or 100/100 Ring Mill. While the Min HT 1-1/2", Min Wall 1-1/2." Options for machining, testing, and heat treating are readily available for the rings and sleeves manufactured by Oklahoma Forge Inc. so that customers can be assured of the quality standards we provide them.  
Besides the basic Open Die Forgings Houston that are manufactured at Oklahoma Forge Inc. we also specialize in high quality flanges, discs of up to 45 inches of diameter, maximum 4000# bars and blocks and #2500 max on all Stainless Steel parts.  
The materials inventory of Oklahoma Forge Inc. also includes most carbon grades, bearing, aircraft, piping, and stainless other than the open die forges and rings and bars. Thus, we are the trusted USA Forgings Houston who can meet your specific requirements.  
Talk to us today and let us know your requirements.  
The years of experience in the industry and interaction with hundreds of top rated clients have made Oklahoma Forge Inc. understand that timely delivery is as important as the capability to supplying assortment of forging products. Therefore, we always aim towards serve you with timely execution of your requests. Hence, at Oklahoma Forge Inc. we have kept provisions for local deliveries so that we can ideally serve as your trusted corporate partners by providing you time pressed delivery. As per your requirements, we offer a highly customized delivery tenure that either can range from one to two weeks or get executed within one to two days.   
At Oklahoma Forge Inc. we understand that besides assortment of our product range and timely delivery there is one more thing that is the key secret to tour success. It is our strict adherence to quality standards. We are not among the suppliers who say that we supply quality, but provide the guarantee by means of our rigorous quality policy.  
All that we want is your belief in us. So, give us a call today to try out our service.

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For over sixty one years Oklahoma Forge has made quality steel products used in a variety of markets across the world.
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