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Within a few years of introduction in the industry, Oklahoma Forge Inc. has acquired a pioneering position as the most steadfast and dependable Forging Companies in Dallas. The key secrets behind this great are the commitment that we have towards the work, strict adherence to quality parameters and on time delivery. Thus, while other Forging Suppliers in Dallas strive to acquire this top most position of excellence in the industry, Oklahoma Forge Inc.  Creates benchmark in quality and timeliness for others.

At Oklahoma Forge Inc. , we believe that our years of mutual trust and loyalty towards our clients have aided in the process of consistent success. We take pride in declaring that we are the leading suppliers of Forgings in Dallas, Texas who have maintained a consistent business relationship with major players who are connected with engineering, construction, defense and manufacturing sectors. Thus, it is evident that our client profile features companies with assorted combination of businesses. While our corporate partners depend upon the potency and toughness of the forges that we supply to them, we depend upon their reliance upon us.

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The dreams of Oklahoma Forge Inc. have been big right from the very beginning. We have paid attention upon diversifying our product range and satisfying our customers with tailor made products that ideally suit their requirements. Hence, the high quality Carbon Steel Forgings, Pot Forgings, Rolled Rings, Open Die Forgings, Forged Rings and Forged Discs in Dallas that we manufacture are of great demand in industries like Mining, Ship Building, Heavy Engineering, Defense, Aerospace and Power Generation.

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Although Oklahoma Forge Inc. has never looked backed since the formal introduction in the industry, we believe that we can continue with the success only when our customers remain happy with us. But since industry demands are ever changing, we remain flexible about timely improvements.  We keep on  developing our infrastructure with upgraded state-of-the-art technology and improving the quality of our workforce on a regular basis in order to meet the current needs of the industry.

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For over sixty one years Oklahoma Forge has made quality steel products used in a variety of markets across the world.
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