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Oklahoma Forge was founded as Tulsa Forge in 1957 by Bill Taylor and Robert H. Duenner, Jr. In 1964, everything was moved to our current location and so began Oklahoma Forge. The Duenner Family continues to operate the compnay under the leadership of Steven R. Duenner and an employee owned portion is held as an ESOP.

The first ring mill was installed and operational in the late 60’s. Through the years, 3 other ringmill projects have been executed with the latest being the addition of our R100/100 in the spring of 2014. The R100 has allowed us to roll to the tightest tolerances in our history and eliminates many 1st operation machine shop procedures. Rolled rings and discs are able to move straight into a CNC machine upon receipt in most cases.

Our management team has an average of 15 years experience and is readily available to serve your needs in one of the many markets we serve including; Subsea and Land O&G, Mining, Pipeline, and Heat Exchangers.


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For over sixty one years Oklahoma Forge has made quality steel products used in a variety of markets across the world.
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